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ALKKEMIST Gin is a creative torrent, the excitement of the adventure about to begin; the surprising discovery of a master in his kitchen; the stirring of a hand whose pen will write words full of meaning; the melody that flows in the musician’s head, waiting to be expressed with the exact notes; the sinuous line – of a brush on the canvas…


of the s. XXI

The alchemist in search of the philosopher’s stone, find a way to convert metals into gold and achieve immortality. The Bartender, as a 21st century alchemist, is an accomplice and co-protagonist of the ALKKEMIST ritual.
He will guide us towards an exceptional taste experience, proposing ingenious and varied formulas to enjoy ALKKEMIST, from gin and tonic to cocktails never created before.

& creators

Artists and teachers from different disciplines: musicians, chefs, bartenders, mixologists, illustrators, photographers, poets, designers, architects, sculptors…

ALKKEMIST Gin is inspired by artists who contribute with their personal vision a universe of new emotions.

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