ALKKEMIST Gin acquires its unique personality from the influences of the full moon. The distillation of it in the full moons has an intimate relationship with the mystery around its formula. A creation that takes place under the moon. The enigma of immortality, a safe secret.

luminous, powerful,

The light of a discovery. The first gin made with samphire and muscat grapes.

Art, inspiration, creation… and a halo of immortality.


ALKKEMIST Gin is the artisanal vision of a 21st century alchemist, passionate about gin and the Mediterranean coast. Travel to the ends of the world and caress each sunrise detailing each new discovery.

Botanicals, precise notes, keys to a unique elixir… twenty-one reasons to continue the march. The journey where the senses merge with nature.

Approach perfection with each new key, in the light of the moon. And come back to tell it.

¡Lo sentimos!

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