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Sea Fennel Inspiration

The soul of Alkkemist expressed in a pure gin and tonic. The most spiritual and simple expression of him, revealing all the nuances of him, showing his personality. A mystery that is revealed as a source of inspiration.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 20cl premium neutral tonic, 1:4 ratio
  • samphire
  • Kaffir lime leaf

Orange Inspiration

Joy, excitement, optimism. Alkkemist has found a way to distill these feelings into sweet and refreshing inspiration. An elixir that radiates energy and positive sensations.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 20cl premium neutral tonic, 1:4 ratio
  • Dehydrated orange
  • lime peeling
  • lemon curl

Signature cocktails that encapsulate the atmosphere of the Mediterranean, transporting it to any corner of the world.

Cócteles by Alkkemist


Recreation of the aromas of Mare Nostrum, a cocktail that transports those who taste it to the coast, inspiring relaxation and tranquility. Agua is based on Mediterranean flavors: sweet, salty, bitter and sour.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 2 cl American cocchi
  • 3 cl sea syrup
  • 3 cl lemon juice
  • Sprig of sea fennel
  • Decoration: samphire


Complex nuances, difficult to find in a cocktail. An impression of humidity, mixed with the freshness of the Mediterranean forest, which combines with sensations of moss.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 2 cl sake
  • 3 cl wasabi syrup
  • 5 cl egg white
  • 3 cl lemon juice
  • Decoration: bamboo leaf


Fire is creative, it emanates energy, it provides heat, life. In the case of Alkkemist, Fire is created from healing elements. A cocktail that will leave you speechless.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 2 cl quinoa wine
  • 2 cl liquid sugar
  • 1 drop habanero chili
  • 2 tablespoon chamomile
  • Decoration: Chinese cinnamon


Air that fuels the Fire, oxygenates the water, rocks the earth. The Air should smell fresh, with a citrus and bitter touch. A clear idea in its texture: ethereal, volatile, light.


  • 5cl ALKKEMIST Gin
  • 2 cl American cocchi
  • 3 cl rock tea syrup
  • 5 cl yellow grapefruit juice
  • 6 cl egg white
  • 1 handful of lemon verbena

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